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Regional Communications Monthly Drills 2/25/2017

SMRRC is continuing an effort to improve healthcare facility emergency communications in our region (Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc and Lincoln counties), and to make alternate emergency communications a normal part of emergency training.

We request all healthcare and LTC facilities make a monthly “call in” with their Base Station or handheld VHF radios (if they have one) and also if they have them, their satellite phones and that this to be part of routine hospital/medical facility/LTC emergency staff training. Also we would like to have each facility sign onto EMResource and populate and update all fields including situational assesement section and bed tracking for that day and time. For instructions on EMResource, contact Paul Weiss or see the online videos.


  1. If using Sat Phones: dial in once each Quarter to the following number, and leave a message with the date and facility name.  207-662-3954
  2. For Base Station Radios: Call your county EMA offices via their county EMA radio channel or other appropriate channel.
County EMA radio call in schedule

York County EMA does theirs on First Tuesday of the Month between 10-11 AM* (Frequency 159.780 PL 156.7)

Cumberland County EMA does theirs on Second Thursday of the Month. We will send out a HAN message at earlier in the day (or the day before) and you can use your radio to call into CCEMA any time between 1:15PM and at 1:25 PM (Frequency 155.760 PL 192.8). There is also a 1:00PM Conference call with town EMA Managers that you are welcome to join in.

Lincoln County EMA does theirs on the last Tuesday of every month at 9AM. EMA (calls into Miles Memorial and St Andrews Hospital ED Depts), since there is no seperate EMA Frequency, the call in is done on Hospital EMS Dispatch (155.325) . When calling in via radio make sure no one is actively using the frequency before calling.

Sagadahoc County: Starting in March 2016. This will be the the first Wed of the month from 10AM-11AM. We will use SCEMA radio frequency for the radio peice. Please contact SCEMA to get a MOU for use of the radio frequency.

*All EMA offices will accommodate any special time/date requests you have for your facility if you cannot make this schedule.

More information:

  1. Hospitals/medical facilities/LTC should contact their EMA office to obtain a memorandum of understanding (signed agreement) to use County EMA or other radio frequencies, prior to use.
  2. Hospital/medical facility/LTC should have these frequencies programmed into their radio.
  3. Hospital/medical facility/LTC should train several staff on all shifts including weekends/evenings to do these “call in” drills.
  4. Drill Reports are listed here.
  5. On call in, you may hear a roll call of facilities and if you do not hear this, just state your facility name and date of call (we just want to hear that your radio and or satellite phone works).
  6. Please make note of your success or failure to communicate via radio in EMResource and update the radio field under the situational assesement section of your facility. 

If you have any questions on this program, please feel free to contact:

Paul Weiss
Southern Maine Regional Resource Center for Health Emergency Preparedness131 Chadwick Street, 2nd floor
Portland, ME 04102
Phone (207) 662-3954

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