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State Emergency Software Applications:

  • HAN (Maine health Alert network)
  • WEBEOC (web based, local, county/state emergency operations center)
  • EM Resource (Statewide Hospital Status-test version)
  • Maine Responds(Maine Emergency Volunteer Registry Portal)
Our mission:
To protect the health and lives of people in Maine by strengthening the ability of health care agencies and partner organizations in Southern Maine (our Regional Healthcare Coalition) to detect, contain manage and prepare for public health threats, emergencies and disasters.

Maine CDC Emergency Consultation and Disease Reporting Hotline

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New WebEOC instructional: Video



The Hospital Incident Command System (HICS V) has finally been updated for 2014. It has some excellent new information in both content and format. As with the last version I will be making a web based "cheat" sheet so that you can have a condensed web based version in one place. In addition I am completing the same thing for the Nursing Homes Incident Command System (NHICS). I should have both of these out this summer.

In the mean time, here is the links to the new HICS for 2014:


    NHICS Logo

Working with the California Association of Health Facilities Disaster Preparedness Program, we just completed work on this new interactive program. This is a new (June 2014) Nursing Home Incident Command System NHICS interactive Organizational Chart. It is in "draft" mode, please let me know if there are any bad links or spelling typos.

Direct online link>>>>>

Instructions for download and install on your computer(s): Here is the Zipped file Download to your hard drive, unzip to the location you prefer. To run, simple click on the file named: NHICS_ORG_CHART.htm (it will then open in your browser). You can also make a "shorcut" to this file on your desktop of your computer or put whole folder on a USB thunb drive. Please note that you can modify each job action sheet to suit your facilities needs, just make sure not to change that name of the document when done (it links on the exact name). Please open the contact spreadsheet and cut and paste your facilities contacts and also open up your facilities emergency operation plan document and copy and paste your facilities plan into this embedded document being sure not to rename the origional. If you have any questions please contact me.

    Paul Weiss-SMRRC

Yarmouth MCI drill using SMRRC inflatable "dummies" June 11th

Upcoming events:

York County EMA Full Scale Exercise, Train vs Bus MCI, Wells ME, October 18th all day. This will include MCI and Surge for region
Lincoln County Healthcare and EMA, Alternate Care Sites Drill date TBD

Regional Coalition Meetings:

Southern Maine Regional Healthcare Coalition meeting: October 23rd, 9:30 AM-12:30PM in at the Portland Water District Nixon Center, 225 Douglass Street, Portland. Register Here

SMRRC Training Site:

We are building a new SMRRC web training site using a new "Moodle" based software. We will be putting many classes on this online platform. These will include classes for EMS, Medical Reserve Corp and Medical staff. Please stay tuned for details on how to register and a list of courses. Here is the link so far:



Centers for Domestic Preparedness Courses and information for 2013

These multi day courses are free, including travel and food and are all courses relating to Healthcare. The facility is in Anniston Alabama

  1. Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT) Training
  2. HERT Train the Trainer Courses
  3. HERT Training with Hazmat and exercises
  4. Healthcare Leadership Courses


New 2012 Emergency Response Guide in (PDF format). Link. This will soon be out in print format. It will also be available with WISER and other iphone apps. Right now it is a searchable Adobe pdf format and can be loaded onto smart phones, iPhones, iPads and laptops and Macbooks.

New: SMRRC Training Videos/DVD's (iPod Compatible!)

York County EMA LogoYork County EMA upcoming events:

Railroad Grade Crossing Collision Courses
May – RRT FEX (Tank truck) South Berwick
June – Facility FEX (Kennebunk Water)
TBD – EOC FEX (York County) Alfred
TBD – HAZMAT FEX (Piscataqua River Bridge) Kittery
TBD – Shelter FEX (TBD)
TBD – LEPC/Facility TTX (York Water)

CCEMA_LogoCumberland County Exercises and trainings: (Click) for Monthly newsletter with training scedule in it.

April – Fire/school/hospital MCI FSE (Lakes Regional)
May – Jetport TTX (Portland)
May – County Sheltering FSE (Regional)
June – School Bus MCI FSE (Lakes Regional)

Lincoln County EMA:

Emergency Management & Incident Command System Training


April – LEPC/DST FSE (Facility TBD)
May – Dam EAP TTX (Lower Great brook) Damariscotta
June – Alternate Care Site TTX (Part of SMRRC Exercise)

Sagadahoc County EMA:

Congrats to Eric Sawyer the new EMA Director!

Dr Matt Sholls MD Slide Presentation on Mitigation, treatment, PPE, Social Distancing, Surge Prevention/Surge Response
Presented at the Freeport, Hilton Garden Inn, 10/7/09

Dr. Paul Biddinger's presentation from our July 8, 2008
"Local Partnerships in Emergency Preparedness: A Tabletop Exercise for Sagadahoc County & Neighboring Communities."

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